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Upcoming auction: Rudy van Reeth, Herenthout (BE)

Rudy van Reeth, Herenthout (BE)

The Pitbull-dynasty creates new champions!


'Pitbull': producer of champions!

The famous 'Pitbull' dynasty of Rudy van Reeth was responsible for many new champions at other lofts. Reknowned champions like Dirk van den Bulck, Stefaan Lambrechts, Gebr. Leideman and Willem de Bruijn introduced the 'Pitbull' breeding lines, and were extremely succesfull with the descendants. A selection of recent top references at other lofts are:

- 'Pidcock' (Dirk van den Bulck) - 6. Nat. Acebird SD. KBDB 2018

- 'Miracle' (Dirk van den Bulck) - 7. Nat. Acebird SD. KBDB 2018

- 'Tornado' (Yves de Witte - owned by Stefaan Lambrechts) - 3. Nat. Acebird SD. KBDB

- 'Sarah Jul' (Mr. & Mrs. May (UK)) - 2. Nat. Olympiad bird Youngsters Poznan  2019


Superb results on lofts in The Netherlands!

At Willem de Bruijn descendants are winner of:

   9. Nat. Acebird Holland Pipa Ranking

   12. Nat. Acebird WHZB 2017

   1. S.Prov. Acebird Youngsters 2018

At Gebr. Leideman, BE15-415 'Goed Grijs' was winner of:

   1. Laon - 6.371 birds

   1. Duffel - 5.821 birds

   1. Heusden-Zolder - 2.775 birds

   1. Laon - 1.052 birds

   1. Wijchen - 786 birds

   1. Heusden-Zolder - 656 birds

   1. Hapert - 231 birds

Many top results won by famous racers, all descendants to the superb 'Pitbull' breeding lines. In this auction EPW offers an impressive selection of original Rudy van Reeth pigeons, including 1 co-breeding son and several grandchildren to Dirk van den Bulck's legendary breeding cock 'Kittel'! This auction will start on Sunday January 17. 2021 and will expire on Sunday January 24. 2021!

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