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Upcoming auction: Marcel Wouters, Westmalle (BE)

Marcel Wouters, Westmalle (BE)

One of the last icons in Belgium pigeon sport - Total auction of all breeders and racers!



ENDING: DECEMBER 03. + 04. + 05. 2022

Visit the exhibition at 'Duivenbond De Padvinders', Brecht (BE)


Marcel Wouters from Westmalle is one of the last living icons in Belgium pigeon sport. In 2004 the exceptional team of racing pigeons caught the attention of Dirk Van Dijck from Zandhoven. He paid Marcel a visit with a granddaughter of ‘Brother Rambo’ to ask for co-breeding. Together with ‘De Leeuw’ a new iconic breeding pair was created. This pair was parents to BE04-6472084 ‘Den Bourges’, who was father to winners of 2. Nat. Bourges against 20.544 birds, 7. Nat. Bourges against 20.544 birds, 3. Prov. Orleans against 4.877 birds, 1. Acebird St-Job Middle Distance Old birds 2010, 2. Acebird Middle Distance Old Birds ZAV etc.. Also, Jos Vercammen from Vremde noticed the strong breeding results of the pigeons of Marcel Wouters. It didn’t take long before a select group of pigeons moved to Vremde, including BE08-6174630 ‘Elektro’. This son to ‘Den Extreem’ x Daughter de Leeuw’ turned out to be a true basic breeder for Hok Jos Vercammen. His descendants were winner on many semi-national and provincial races. It didn’t take long for Rik Hermans and Bart Geerinckx came to Westmalle to collect some extraordinary pigeons from Marcel Wouters. Rik Hermans owns a niece of ‘De Leeuw’, 'Cow Girl' who is breeder of 1. Nat. Bourges against 24.676 pigeons, as well as a 2. Olympiadbird Yearlings Poznan in 2011. Bart Geerinckx participated in co-breeding with Marcel. The descendants to these pigeons won 1. Prov. Argenton against 971 birds, 3. Nat. Argenton against 6.033 birds, 2. Prov. Montluçon, etc. Also, well-known fanciers like Willem de Bruijn and Ad Schaerlaekens obtained pigeons from Marcel and are very successful with the descendants to ‘De Leeuw’ and ‘Den Extreem’. It shows that Marcel Wouters owns an extraordinary strain of pigeons, with exceptional breeding results. 

A selection of pigeons in this unique auction:


BE20-197 'Evita', winner of: 2. Nat. Acebird GMD. Youngsters KBDB 2020



BE16-729 'Romeo' and BE15-848 'Julia', winners of 3. Nat. Championship GMD. Old Birds 2018

BE15-6090890_WIT ADJE.jpg

BE15-890 'Wit Adje', winner of: 7. Nat. Acebird SMD. Youngsters KBDB 2015


BE15-835 'Charlotte', winner of: 12. Nat. Acebird SMD. Youngsters KBDB 2015 

Now, in 2021 Marcel decided to say goodbye to the world of pigeon racing. Due to the health condition of his wife, it is no longer possible to keep pigeons in Westmalle. Therefore, Marcel decided to sell all his pigeons – all breeders and racer – via European Pigeon Website. In this auction you will find 38 children to ‘Den Ad’, 21 children to ‘Den Extreem’, 7 children to ‘Den Leeuw’, 3 children to ‘Den Bourges’, but also ‘Evita’ winner of 2. Nat. Acebird Great Middle-Distance Youngsters KBDB 2020!

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