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WBS Breeding Station

WBS Breeding Station

Thomas Wessels, Schloss Holte

Total auction of the breeding loft

The very best of Dirk Van Den Bulck !

The great German champion Thomas Wessels is well known as a super racer, but even more as a big collector of the best breeding lines in Belgium and Holland.

He started his collection early 2000 and invested a lot in the very best of Gerard Koopman,Gunter Prange and Dirk Van Dyck. Original children of worldknown pigeons as ‘Kannibaal’, Rambo’, ‘Ringlose’, ‘Eurostar’, ‘Kleine Dirk’, Annelies’,… were breeding in is lofts.

The last few years, Thomas visited Dirk Van den Bulck in Grobbendonk and bought youngsters of all the older topbreeders in the Van Den Bulck loft. The very best of Dirk Van den Bulck moved to Schloss Holte and Thomas created a unique collection of topracers, all based on direct offspring of the famous breeders BE08-992 ‘Brother Goede Rode’ – BE08-996 ‘Goede Rode’ – BE12-038 ‘Olympic Rosita’ – BE10-397 ‘Blauwe Stefaan’ x BE10-300 ‘300-duivin’, better known as the ‘OLYMPIC PAIR’ – BE13-803 ‘Kittel’ – BE06-378 ‘Blauwe Leo’

Probably nowhere in the world a collection as this can’t be found anymore with direct offspring of original Dirk Van den Bulck’s.

Now, after more than 30 years in the pigeonsport, Thomas has to say goodbye to his sport, due to health circumstances and he trusted EPW to make his final auction ! This auction will start on August 21 and will run for consecutive weeks.




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