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Upcoming auction: Van Vugt-Donckers, Lille (BE)

Van Vugt-Donckers, Lille (BE)

- The last original Stickers-Donckers ever for sale! -


In January 2019 the super tandem Stickers-Donckers sold all their pigeons in a superb total auction at European Pigeon Website. In mutual consultation they decided to stop the cooperation Stickers-Donckers because of the health condition of mister Stickers. In this total auction all National Ace Pigeons, Olympiad Pigeons and first prize winners were sold, excl. the last full round of youngsters. Dirk Donckers moved to his new house, together with his wife Cindy he started the new combination Van Vugt-Donckers. The last full round of youngsters and a few pigeons he bought in the total auction was the base for a very successful re-start in pigeon racing.

The Masters of Sprint

Nowadays, the combination Van Vugt-Donckers hold one of the best team of short distance pigeons you can find in the Antwerp. Each week they participate in the races in the strong combine ‘Tienverbond’. They compete against, amongst others, Harry Smolders, Jos Cools and Dirk van den Bulck. ‘Tienverbond’ is a combine with the most National entries when it comes to Short Distance races. That is what they are specialized in, to be between the leading names on these races.


A strong fundament, build on 'Wonderboy'

Basic pigeons at the loft are BE13-120 ‘Jackpot’, a tremendous number of children and grandchildren are top performers at the loft of Van Vugt-Donckers. Also, BE09-296 ‘Ons Aske’ was an amazing hen, she was Olympiad bird and 6. National Acebird. But above all, she is mother to an impressive number of first prize winners at the loft. Then there was also BE12-036 ‘Olympic Boy’, the Olympiad bird and according to Dirk a better performer then ‘Bolt’, by Leo Heremans. ‘Olympic Boy’ was one of the competitors of ‘Bolt’, however ‘Olympic Boy’ won in the same series of races two times the first prize. ‘Bolt’ never won a first prize. BE12-019 ‘Miracle Lady’ is the best daughter to their National Acebird ‘Wonderboy’, an excellent breeder at the loft. ‘Miracle Lady’ is a fantastic racer, even better for breeding.

During the last years Van Vugt-Donckers won a tremendous amount of 1st prizes in ‘Tienverbond’, but also almost all championship titles that one can win. The last 2 years this combination won o.a.:

1. Nat. Olympiad bird Cat. F. Romania 2022

1. Prov. Championship Antwerp Old & Yearlings Short Distance KBDB 2022

1. Prov. Acebird Old & Yearlings Short Distance KBDB 2022

3. Nat. Olympiad bird Cat. F. Romania 2022

3. Prov. Championship Antwerp Old & Yearlings Short Distance KBDB 2021

8. Nat. Acebird Yearlings Short Distance KBDB 2022

13. Nat. Championship Old & Yearlings KBDB 2022

Etc., etc.

Now, in 2022 the combination Van Vugt-Donckers decided to sell the last original Sticker-Donckers pigeons they have at their loft, incl. a full round of youngsters from the best breeders. This auction will start on Sunday December 04. 2022 and will end on Sunday December 11. 2022. Interested in these pigeons? Come and visit the exhibition on the closing day of the internet auction at ‘Duivenbond De Padvinders’ (Ontspanningslaan 10, 2960 Brecht)! We are open at 1.30 PM.!

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