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Upcoming auction: Bert Vanden Berghe, Wortegem-Petegem (BE)

Bert Vanden Berghe, Wortegem - Petegem

- A selection of birds from the best breeders! - 

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Bert Vanden Berghe's star is rising. Over the last years Bert won 3 x 1. National, 12 x top 3 National and many more in the top 100 on the National races. His winning strain is mainly built on the iconic pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele. Over the years Bert has been extremely successful with the lines of ‘Gloria’ and ‘Fyther’. Descendants to these 2 pigeons also show very good racing results on lofts all arround the world. More recently, Bert has also been investing in the pigeons of Kurt & Raf Platteeuw, Team Florea Sorin and Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede. Besides, 6 years ago he started a cooperation with his close friend Jan Hooymans from the Netherlands. Bert has been testing the original Hooymans pigeons extensively on the National races and has very good results with them. Especially the ‘Harry’ lines are doing extremely well.


Hooymans pigeons show top results on the National races

One of the successful Hooymans pigeons is the BE15-536, but also his nest-brother ‘535’ performed very well. These 2 pigeons won as yearling 2. National Brive and 11. National Brive. Both pigeons are grandchildren to the famous 'Alexia', the super sister to icon 'Harry'. Another very important pigeon is 'De Boswachter'. 4 years ago, he was winner of 2. National Agen, he returned the same night. 2 years ago 'De Boswachter' was winner of 16. National Perpignan, in 2020 he performed even better and was winner of 1. National Pau and 2. International Pau. Another successful pigeon at the lofts in Wortegem - Petegem is NL17-411 ‘Agen Man’, a super grandson to racing icon 'Harry'. As a yearling he was winner of 31. National Agen. The year after, he was winner of 21. National Agen. Another year later he won 3. National Agen and 3. International Agen. With these results 'Agen Man' is nominated as 1. Best Agen Pigeon over 3 years. Another super product of cross breeding of the Hooymans x Vanden Berghe strain is BE19-165 'Iron Lady'. Born from a son to 'New Harry' x 'Nest-sister Gloria' coupled to a daughter of 'De Klaren' x 'Princess Gloria' this bird turned out to be a true winner. 'Iron Lady' won 2. Nat. Brive against 8.807 birds and became 6. Nat. Acebird LD. YB. KBDB 2019. 



For European Pigeon Website Bert selected a group of birds from the best breeders. This auction will start on December 11. 2022 and will expire on December 17. 2022.

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