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Upcoming auction:Hilde & Luc Sioen, Moorslede (BE)

Luc & Hilde Sioen, Moorslede (BE)

Full round of youngsters –

Offered by Pigeon Trading BVBA

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Luc and Hilde Sioen from Moorslede participate in pigeon sport, with a focus on the National races in Belgium. In 2011 the base was formed for their current success. Luc and Hilde bought a round of youngsters at Willem de Bruijn, who had the old base of the pigeons of Leo Heremans. Next to that they also obtained a full round of youngsters from Jan and Rik Hermans, based on the lines of the ‘Kannibaal’ by Dirk van Dyck.

Success with the pigeons of Willem de Bruijn

From the first moment on, they were very successful with these pigeons. In the first year they won 1. National Poitiers, one year later they won again 1. National Poitiers. An extraordinary result since they had a 13-minute lead on the 2. National against 14.109 pigeons. That was the start of the Sioen success story, with ‘Willemina’ who was winner of that race. She is daughter to NL11-464 ‘Spidey’ x NL09-334 ‘Marie Anne’. With ‘Willemina’ Luc and Hilde discovered this super breeding pair. ‘Spidey’ is direct Willem de Bruijn, from the super lines of ‘Kleine Blauwe’, ‘Rossi’ and ‘Spinneke’ from Leo Heremans. ‘Marie Anne’ is also direct Willem de Bruijn, from ‘Daisy’ (1. National Bourges – 12.905 b.) x ‘Fatima Junior’ (direct son to ‘Fatima’, winner of 10. Nat. Acebird Allround TBOTB).


The stunning year 2019

In 2019 this pair proved their value, at that time team Sioen won 1. – 2. – 3. National Argenton against 15.235 pigeons. The winner was BE17-024 ‘Cameron’, the second prize was for a full sister to ‘Cameron’, named ‘Irma’. The 3rd place on the podium was for ‘Rihanna’, a super hen from the line of basic breeder ‘Anouk’. It is a special story because two weeks later ‘Cameron’ also won 1. National Limoges against 9.661 birds. This was never seen before in Belgium pigeon racing! The icing on the cake came at the end of the season. Luc and Hilde also won 1. – 2. – 3. Prov. Blois against 3.898 youngsters (also the 3 fastest from 5.044 old birds + youngsters). The winner and the runner-up were nest-mates from super hen ‘Jessie’ (2x 1. Nat. Zone in 2018 from ‘Nairo’ x ‘Anouk’) and the bronze medal winner is full sister to ‘Nairo’ (1. Nat. La Souterraine).


In 2021 Luc and Hilde decided to sell all their breeders and racers in a total auction (excl. summer youngsters). The auction turned out into a stunning succes, with an average of EUR 16.636,- per pigeon! Now, in 2022 a full round of youngsters from Luc & Hilde Sioen will be for sale on European Pigeon Website. The auction will start on December 25. 2022 and will expire on December 30. 2022.

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