Gaby Vandenabeele 3

The Vandenabeele pigeons are guaranteed to bring prize winners all across the world, and they have done so over the past 30 years. This breed has played a significant role in the world of pigeon racing. From Belgium to China and from The Netherlands …
Eindtijd: 2018-08-25 15:30:00      Aantal: 12

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Stefaan Lambrechts

The 41 years old Stefaan Lambrechts is the fastest rising star in European pigeonsport. Untill 3 years ago,Stefaan Lambrechts only raced short distance, in this time,he raced very well.Then he was noticed by Willem de Bruin,who was so impressed by hi…
Eindtijd: 2018-08-25 16:00:00      Aantal: 12

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Power of Fly (DV)

Eindtijd: 2018-08-25 16:30:00      Aantal: 12

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Belgian National Stars

Eindtijd: 2018-08-26 16:30:00      Aantal: 2

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Louis Van Loon

Nearly everybody knows the name Louis Van Loon… simply because the man has raced extremely well in the middle distance and the extreme middle distance races in Belgium for years. Superior pigeon game for which he was ‘shown the door’ in several clubs…
Eindtijd: 2018-08-26 16:00:00      Aantal: 10

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EPW Breeding Loft - Marcel Wouters Strain

The exceptional team of racing pigeons from Westmalle had caught the attention of Dirk Van Dijck. He paid Marcel a visit with a granddaughter of Broer Rambo to ask for a joint breeding. It was then that the breeding qualities of De Leeuw really start…
Eindtijd: 2018-08-26 16:30:00      Aantal: 11

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