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Jan Theelen: auction catalogue available!

Jan Theelen from Buggenum is a living legend in pigeon racing. All over the world fanciers know the famous Theelen strain and are very successful with these extreme long distance pigeons. Now, at the age of 92, Jan has to say goodbye to his beloved pigeons. His current health condition make it impossible to keep all his birds. Because of COPD he cannot enter the lofts without having difficulties breathing. He decided to sell all his birds, excl. 5 pairs for the short distance races via EPW in a total auction. The last original Theelen pigeons will now be for sale. The end of an era.

'Vale Marathon', 'Trutje', 'Famous 10', 'Fameuze 08'...
These pigeons made Jan Theelen famous and create a strain of winners. Main highlight was winning 1. Nat. Barcelona against 33.196 birds in ‘93 with ‘Rikky’. Later there was ‘Jorrit’, winner of 34. Nat. Dax against 28.896 birds, but also ‘De Dax’, winner of 11. International Dax against 9.202 birds. More recent birds from the famous strain were 'Mabel’, born in 2000 and winner of 20. Nat. Dax against 16.377 birds in 2003 and ‘Sjaen’, winner of 12. Nat. Dax against 13.456 birds in 2004

‘Petra Jan’, the latest sensation!
In 2019, at the respected age of 88 years old, Jan Theelen is still participating in the Marathon races. And again, he found the key to success! It was NL16-1730677 ‘Petra Jan’ who showed outstanding results in 2019 and 2020. She became winner of 5. National Dax against 9.057 birds in 2019 and was in 2020 winner of 1. NPO Bergerac! With results like these, it was in the line of expectation that also championship titles were won. She became 1. National Acebird Marathon NPO 2020 and was also 1. Nat. Olympiad bird Marathon 2019 - 2020. 


Total auction, including exhibition
On April 01. & 02. 2024 the last original Theelen birds will be sold in a total auction via EPW. Only 5 pairs for the short distance races will be kept in Buggenum. For fanciers world-wide a final chance to obtain some descendants of the golden Theelen strain. Interested in these pigeons? Come and visit the exhibition on Monday April 01. (Easter Monday) in Neer (P.D.V. Tot Ziens, Kloosterpad 13, Neer, The Netherlands).

Ending on April 1st (Monday) :      

Part 1  K01-12 | Part 2  K13-25 | Part 3  K26-39 | Part 4  K40-53 | Part 5  K54-67

Ending on April 2nd (Tuesday) :      

Part 6  K68-78 | Part 7  K79-91 | Part 8  K92-104 | Part 9  K105-119 | Part 10  K120-134

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