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Late Marc Medart: auction catalogue available

On Wednesday February 21. 2024 we received the news of the sudden death of Marc Medart from Sint-Truiden. With his death the world of pigeon racing loses a sympathetic fancier and a true champion in the Limburg area. 

A small loft with great results
Marc was racing pigeons since he was a young boy. He especially enjoyed to participate on the Short and Middle Distance races, but also on the National races. His pigeons showed to be of outstanding quality for these distances. With only 12 breeding couples, 14 widowers and 14 racing hens and 2 rounds of youngsters, his loft can really be called a ‘small loft’. Although it is a loft of only a few pigeons, the weekly results were outstanding. For 8 years in a row he obtained the Overall Championship in Sint-Truiden and he won the stunning amount of 24x the 1st prize in the club.

A strong base of breeders
He owes the vast majority of his success to a strong breeding base that he has been able to rely on for years. In the past Marc mentioned: “My foundation breeders come from Clerinx. Everyone knows that the Clerinx pigeons are almost unbeatable when the weather is tough. Moreover, this highly inbred strain has enormous genetic potential.” Marc also got reinforcements from Roger Mertens, whose pigeons are doing very well at the loft of Medart. Good pigeons were also obtained by the Herbots Family (line “Alaphilippe”) and via a friend he also obtained the strain of Hermans-Bonné. Others strains at his loft are based on the best of Anthony Maes (via Alfons & Danny Van Daalen, Sint-Janssteen) and some pigeons came from Team Debo, Vichte.


Top 10 results on the National races
With this strong stock of pigeons it becomes easier to achieve strong performances. The selection standard is very high and for Marc the selection cannot be set high enough. Only the very best were allowed to stay because places are limited. To keep a place at the racing lofts his pigeons needed to perform on the races from 0 - 500 km. In the past Marc relied on a few super breeders that produced super racers. Especially the stock pair BE14-693 ‘Goede Blauwe’ x BE14-672 ‘Super Breeder’ produced top offspring. In the past their grandchildren like BE20-948 ‘Blauwe Bourges’ (5. Nat. Bourges - 11.952 b.) and BE19-128 ‘Nadine’ (11. Nat. Acebird SMD. YL KBDB 2022) were showing outstanding results. More recent top birds from this super pair are BE22-207, winner of 8. Nat. Bourges vs. 9.922 b., BE22-255 ‘Super Ace’, winner of 2. Super Acebird Midden Limburg 2023 and BE21-694 ‘Daughter Witoog 899’, winner of 9. Prov. Orleans against 4.176 b. Without doubt Marc had a true stock pair at his loft that was able to give winners for many generations.


Total auction via EPW
With the death of Marc his family decided to sell all his pigeons. They were no longer able to keep them. All racers and breeders, including the stock pair, their super breeding children BE17-899, BE17-900 and BE15-715 will be sold in an exclusive total auction via EPW, the auction will end on April 14. 2024.

Interested in these pigeons? 
Come and visit the exhibition at the closing day of the internet auction in Lummen (open at 12 PM.). 
Location: GCOC Oosterhof, Dr. Vanderhoeydonckstraat 56, 3560 Lummen. 

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