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Need help? Check our frequently asked questions below!


You need to register a bidding account if you want to place a bid in one of our EPW online auctions. After registration you need to verify your account via a link in your mailbox, before you can place bids. Only one account per person can be created. You can create your account here.

If you just want to have a look at the online auctions without the need to bid, you don’t need to make an account.

In case you forgot your username of password, you can reset your password by entering your username, registered mailadress or your phonenumber here

Still having problems with your password? Please contact us, click here

Place a bid

When you are logged in to your account you can place a bid by navigating to the pigeon of your preference and by selecting the 'Place a bid' button. You can submit your bid and/or buying order and can then click on 'Place bid' or 'Place Buying Order'.

You will see the price of the pigeon, including VAT. As soon as you confirm your bid by clicking on 'Confirm', your bid will be saved.

You will be notified by email when you have been outbid. If you have not activated these notifications yet, you can change your settings to enable these via 'My Account' and 'Change my notifications'. If you are still experiencing problems bidding by yourself, or if you prefer to bid by phone, please contact us.

Bidding starts at 200 euro.

Our online auctions lasts in most of the times one week.

On our website it is possible to submit a buying order (B.O.). By issuing a buying order you tell our auction system up to which maximum amount you want to bid for a certain pigeon. Should we receive a higher bid than your current bid, but it is lower or equal to your current buying order, our system will automatically bid higher than your competitor’s bid and the highest bid will be in your name once again.

A buying order is always given priority with regards to a regular bid. This means that a buying order of EUR 2.000 will win from a regular bid of the same amount of EUR 2.000. When there are equally high buying orders, the buyer who placed his buying order first will win the bid.

Your buying order is never visible to any other visitors/buyers. ​The buying order on our auction website is visible to you only. An overview of your buying orders you can find via 'My Account' and 'My Buying Orders'. 

 If you are still experiencing issues, or if you prefer to place a buying order by phone, please contact us.

The gender of a youngster (pigeon under the age of 1 year) presented on the website is for reference purposes only. Unfortunately, we cannot 100% guarantee the correct sex of the youngster, we apologize for that.

When a new bid is made for any given pigeon within the last 8 minutes of an auction closing time, the auction closing time of that particular pigeon will be extended by another 8 minutes.

In example:
- The auction was set to end at 16:00. A bid is made for a certain pigeon at 15:57.
- The auction of that pigeon is automatically extended with 8 minutes to 16:05.
- The auction for all other pigeons that did not receive a bid in the last 8 minutes will still end at 16:00.

No, VAT is not included, all prices displayed on our website are excl. VAT. As soon as you enter the pop-up screen, where you can select the 'Confirm' button to confirm you bid, we will show you the price incl. 6% VAT. The 6% VAT will be added to your invoice in the case you win the bid.

VAT is not applicable if you are a non-EU resident who ships the pigeon(s) to a delivery address outside of the EU with valid export documents.


If you are outbid you may be notified by email. If you have not activated these notifications yet, you can change your settings to enable these via 'My Account'. Receiving notifications by email are free of charge, anywhere in the world.

Please be aware: we can’t guarantee that messages will arrive because of reception or services. Please always check your profile to be sure you aren’t outbid. 

My Account

Your account details are listed on your 'My Account' page. You can enter this page - when you are logged in - on the right top of your screen. 

An overview of all your bids and buying orders can be found on the 'My Bids' and 'My Buying Orders' section in your 'My Account' page. Be aware that these are only the bids you’ve placed in one of the currently ongoing auctions.

When you click on ‘My Account’, you will find the button ‘My Orders’. You will see an overview of all your purchases and you can also view and download the photo, description text, DNA certificate (if available) and pedigree of the pigeon you’ve bought.


The purchase price consists out of: 
1. Your winning bidding amount 
2. Belgian value added tax (VAT) of 6% (if applicable)

All amounts are expressed in EUR. 

The following is not included in the purchase price:
- Other charges or fees (for example import taxes) 
- Other costs like banking costs
- Transport costs of the pigeon

The invoice should be paid in full within 10 calendar days from the invoice date, irrespective of the transport date. A pigeon will only be shipped / can only be picked up at our office in Belgium after EPW has received your full payment on its bank account. We prefer payments in euros to avoid losses due to foreign currency exchanges.

The prices of the auctioned pigeons are given in EURO. The exchange rate of your foreign currency to EURO is subject to change. The actual exchange rate in accordance with the bank’s spot selling exchange rates prevails.

Calculate the current exchange rate to EUR of your preferred currency:

In case you buy a pigeon through EPW, you will receive an invoice. Invoices are sent by email on the first Monday after the auction has ended.

You can pay your invoice using one of the following methods:
- bank transfer to our bank account in Belgium (note: bank transfer charges are at the expense of the buyer)
- payment by PayPal: Click on 'Send to a friend ' option at the time of transfer (note: additional credit card charges are at the expense of the buyer)


I will pick it up myself 
Collection from EPW is possible after payment during office hours (9am-17pm) Monday through Friday. Please inform us in advance via when you wish to collect your purchased pigeon(s).

I will send someone to pick it up 
Collection from EPW is possible after payment during office hours (9am-17pm) Monday through Friday. Please inform us in advance via if you yourself wish to have your purchased pigeon(s) collected by another person (acquaintance, friend, transporter, other).


If a pigeon is ill on arrival after transport, this must be reported to EPW within 24 hours after receiving the pigeon.

A pigeon in good condition shows: 
- Normal white wattles 
- Has sufficient muscles at the sternum
- Has a pale pink throat without scraping
- Shows shiny feathers 
- Provides a vital impression

If a pigeon is dead on arrival, photos should be taken and reported to EPW via and the original ring, ownership card and pedigree should be sent back within 24 hours after receipt.

EPW wants to avoids selling pigeons that are too old or that have had too few youngsters in the last few years. However, we cannot guarantee 100% fertility once the pigeons are brought into a new environment. In this case, pigeons that seem to be infertile should be reported to EPW within two months after receipt of the pigeon (two months at the very latest).

You can contact our office in Maaseik if you have any questions or complaints about your purchases. For more information, click here.

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