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Excellent start for Erik Limbourg on the National races in 2023!

Erik Limbourg from Brussegem started the racing season in 2023 very well. On the National race from Argenton it was BE22-2090273 'De Geeloger' who was winner of 1. Nat. Z. Argenton against 2.644 birds and on the National race from Cahors it was BE20-2072059 'De Cahors' who was winner of 1. Nat. Z. Cahors against 1.149 birds! 'De Geeloger' is 100% Willem de Bruijn and 'De Cahors' is from the super lines of 'Remy' and 'New Eagle Eye'.

It was also great to see that a full brother to our no. 1 stock breeder 'Super Creone Roeper', is performing very well on the National races! The BE21-2025851 'Brother Super Creone', became the winner of 5. Nat. Z. Cahors against 1.149 birds. 

Congratulations to Erik, from the team of EPW!



BE22-2090273 'De Geeloger':


BE20-2072059 'De Cahors':


BE21-2025851 'Brother Super Creone Roeper':


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