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Coming up: Jan & Joke Kaman, Wormerveer

Total auction of all breeders, incl. a selection of racing pigeons and a full round of youngsters 2023

Jan & Joke Kaman from Wormerveer are renowned specialists on the Long-Distance races in The Netherlands. For over many years they are in the top of the result lists in their strong district. For over a few years Jan & Joke feel that they would like to take a step back. Performing on the highest level doesn’t come for free, it takes perseverance and dedication. For over 48 years they drove from their house to the area where the breeders are located. Always with lots of fun, but nowadays their age has become an issue. Their health situation makes it harder to take care of all the pigeons and to do what it takes to compete on the highest level. Besides, they were told that in 2024 the place where the breeding lofts are located will be used for the construction of 12 brand new apartments. Therefore Jan & Joke made the difficult decision to sell all breeders - the birds that gave them many victories on the Long-Distance races - via European Pigeon website. Due to these pigeons, they became ‘Best Fancier of The Netherlands’ and due to this successful breeding strain many Acebird titles, NPO victories and ‘Teletekst’ notations were won. Also, at other lofts world-wide amazing results were booked and Olympiad birds were born from the descendants of these pigeons. Now in 2023 Jan & Joke Kaman decided to sell all breeders and a full round of youngsters from 2023 via European Pigeon Website. 

Auction start: Sunday December 03. 2023
Auction ending: Saturday December 09. 2023 + Sunday December 10. 2023

Basic breeders at the loft of Jan & Joke Kaman are:
- NL09-1835380 ‘Josje’:


NL16-1408436 ‘Wondere Anton’:


NL08-2099804 ‘De Gegunde’ x NL12-1470431 ‘Golden Lady’:

A short overview of the results of Jan & Joke Kaman:
1. FC Bourges – 3.442 birds (624 km.)
1. FC Chateauroux – 1.432 birds (669 km.)
1. FC Peronne YB – 3.025 birds (314 km.)
1. FC Vierzon – 4.245 birds (618 km.)
1. Fondclub NH Fontenay – 4.718 birds (513km.)
1. NPO Bourges (630 km)
1. NPO Chateaudun - 7.377 birds (548 km.)
1. NPO Chateaudun - 8.001 birds (548 km.)
1. NPO Chaterauroux - 9.511 birds (670 km.)
1. NPO Etampes - 9.511 birds (550 km.)
1. NPO Orleans - 6.960 birds (550 km.)
1. NPO Orleans - 7.598 birds (550 km.)
1. NPO Tours - 4.143 birds (640 km.)
1. NPO Tours - 8.250 birds (640 km.)
1. NPO Chateauroux – 2.217 birds (669 km.)
1. NPO Peronne YB. – 7.096 birds (314 km.)
1. NPO Fontenay (N-Z) – 7.350 birds (513 km.)
1. NPO Fontenay (Z) – 4.843 birds (513 km.)
Etc., etc. 

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